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A collection of classic and modern weird ebay auctions.

The whole world loves an auction and ebay is the biggest and best online auction around. There are literally 100,000,000,000,000 things on e bay at any given moment - no exaggeration!! But as it happens - not everyone is selling an old car, used book or coffee table. There are a lot of strange people out there wanting to sell the most weird, bizarre, amazing things - or just get rich from gullible people like you and me.

This website captures for online auction history some of the weirdest auction items ever sold ( or attempted to be sold ) So plug in your disbelieve filters and check out our fabulous collection of classic and modern weird ebay auctions.

Classic ebay weird auctions
Hollywood Buy yourself the Hollywood sign
The 'Jesus Petroglyph' Proof of an attempt to contact humanity
M T Box    Yes U guessed it this weird e bay auction is for an . . .
Kangaroo’s thingy NOTE : The baby is not included in this auction!!
Bodybag Who in their right minds would buy a bodybag?
No Idea    This person does not know what she is selling!!

Best Thing Ever

A simple auction - but dreadful !!
Current ebay weird auctions




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