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This is your chance to own a World-Famous landmark

SOLD FOR $450,000

Winning bid: US $450,400.00  (Reserve met)  
Ended: Dec-06-05 20:18:47 PST
Start time: Nov-26-05 20:18:47 PST
History: 200 bids   (US $0.01 starting bid)
Winning bidder: deh4908 ( 73Feedback score is 50 to 99) Changed User ID (less than 30 days)
Item location: Los Angeles
United States
Featured Plus! Listing
Ships to: United States, Australia, Europe, Canada
Shipping costs: To United Kingdom -- Check item description and payment instructions or contact seller for details

Yes, it's true. The HOLLYWOOD sign is for sale.
I'm selling the original HOLLYWOOD sign, which was built in 1923. This is THE World-Famous sign. You've seen it in hundreds of films, TV programs, commercials and every other form of media.

The HOLLYWOOD sign is an AMERICAN ICON and one of the most recognizable structures in the world. Unless the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty are put up for sale, this will be your last chance to own one of the world's most famous structures.

Note: This auction has been relisted. EBay apologized for not including this auction on the Pulse page. The auction generated over 72,000 visitors and 980 watchers over Thanksgiving weekend. I have added a photograph of one of the 10-foot sections of the sign. Notice the matching graffiti in the two photos on the right.



A brief history:
1923 - Film director Mack Sennett and LA Times publisher Harry Chandler build sign
1932 - Actress Peg Entwistle commits suicide by jumping off of the letter H
1944 - Sign and surrounding land are deeded to City of Los Angeles
1949 - Letters "land" are removed and the sign is repainted
1973 - Sign is declared a Cultural Historic Monument
1978 - Celebrities donate funds to rebuild the Hollywood sign
1978 - Original sign taken down and new sign is built
1978 - Hank Berger buys original sign and places it in storage
2003 - Dan Bliss buys sign and creates AuthenticHollywood business
2005 - YOU buy the HOLLYWOOD sign

You will cement your name in history as the final owner of the HOLLYWOOD sign.

I'm sure you have lots of questions. The first question I am usually asked is, "How do you own the HOLLYWOOD sign?" Note: Telling people that you own the HOLLYWOOD sign is a great icebreaker. Read above for answer.

The next question is usually "Where do you store it? It's got to be huge." The sign is presently stored in a secure location near Los Angeles. Sections are flattened out and stacked neatly in storage.

"What does it look like?" The sign is made of metal. It features white paint, rust, wind holes, nail holes and graffiti. The sign was built with metal barn roofing in 1923, so these materials are very old and weathered. The stacked sections fill a small storage space up to the ceiling. Only upon closer examination can you recognize that these sections formed the famous landmark. Most sections are rectangular in shape, but many are angled. The slightly angled sections are from the letters Y and W. The sharply angled sections are from the corners of the Os and D. The graffiti markings are very interesting. The graffiti sections are like time capsules from the 1970's. For example, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Ted Nugent and Aerosmith are written on one of the sections.

"What can be done with the HOLLYWOOD sign?" There are lots of options. You might consider rebuilding one or more of the letters as a TOURIST ATTRACTION. You can sell pieces of the sign to memorabilia collectors around the world as a BUSINESS. You can also sell pieces of the sign to raise money for CHARITIES. You could give away pieces with your business logo as a PROMOTION. Owning the sign can generate tremendous PUBLICITY for you and your business. You can simply keep the sign as an INVESTMENT or as the ultimate TROPHY. You may choose to place it in a MUSEUM. It's also a perfect holiday GIFT for someone that has everything!

"What has been done with the sign so far?" I created a web site called to market framed pieces of the sign to collectors. I have distribution deals with a few companies that YOU can inherit if you choose. Please contact me for information on the terms of these deals. If you like, you can stop selling pieces and hold on to the sign.

"Are there any limitations on what can be done?" If you continue to sell pieces of the sign, Mounted Memories must have exclusive rights to small 1" pieces, and ScreenUsed needs an exclusive on 12" pieces. Both of these companies are leaders in their respective fields. You are able to sell whatever you like on your web site, but Mounted Memories requires exclusivity for distribution to retailers. Furthermore, I sold 5 large sections last year, and I promised the buyers that I would not sell any more "full unaltered sections to the public". The winning bidder must honor these commitments.

"How much of the sign do you have?" A very small proportion of the sign has been sold, but I'm not exactly sure how much of the sign I started with. It is difficult to estimate without laying it out, but I would guess that there is at least 2,000 square feet of material. When the sign was taken down in 1978, some of the letters had deteriorated badly. Photos show that some of the sign was already gone. If you were to lay out all of the pieces on a football field, you may be able to reassemble many of the letters. If you want to rebuild the entire sign, you would need to fill in the missing gaps. I have some photographs of the sign from the 1970's that can be used to identify many of the sections. These photos will help if you decide to rebuild parts of the sign.

"Why are you selling the sign?" I am a producer/entrepreneur, and I am simply too busy with my other projects to work on the sign. It has been an amazing experience. Telling people that I own the HOLLYWOOD sign has opened many doors for me. Not many people can say that. Until this auction closes, I am the only person in the world that can claim ownership of the HOLLYWOOD sign. I have received great publicity from TV, radio and newspapers nationally. I plan to invest the proceeds from the HOLLYWOOD sign into a film I'm working on. Imagine that, selling the HOLLYWOOD sign to pay for a film! This is a compelling story that will generate great publicity for my film. See how that works?

"How do you know that it's the real thing, the genuine HOLLYWOOD sign?" The easiest way to prove it is through photographs. Graffiti and other markings are easily identified. Several photos clearly show that my sections match the original sign. I also have notarized affidavits from Hank Berger (see above) and Jim Elmore, one of the contractors that rebuilt the sign in 1978. The sign has also been independently authenticated by PSA, a respected authentication company. I assure you, this is the real HOLLYWOOD sign. I will provide the winning bidder with all documents and a notarized letter from me.

In addition to buying the HOLLYWOOD sign, the winning bidder will have the option to keep the web site, plus documents, photos and other business items.

The winning bidder will own a World-Famous landmark, a web site and a place in history. In documentaries and news stories on the Hollywood sign, YOU will be the owner of the sign.

This is the chance of a LIFETIME to own a cultural icon.

If you are a Hollywood memorabilia collector, can you imagine a more profound piece of memorabilia? There are 6 pairs of ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz. THERE IS ONLY ONE HOLLYWOOD SIGN.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


ATTENTION EBAY: is shown in this listing because it is part of the offering, and the winning bidder will own this web site.


Buyer will be responsible for shipping costs from Los Angeles, CA. Buyer may opt to pick up the sign or assume responsibility for the storage unit.

The HOLLYWOOD sign is offered exclusively by Authentic Hollywood.


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