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The 'Jesus Petroglyph'

Starting bid: US $2,100,000.00  
Ended: Dec-09-05 08:25:46 PST
Start time: Nov-29-05 08:25:46 PST
History: 0 bids
Item location: Tucson, AZ
United States
Ships to: Worldwide
Shipping costs: To United Kingdom -- Check item description and payment instructions or contact seller for details

          The 'Jesus Petroglyph'

Instructions For Viewing This Item:

1. Click the 'SUPERSIZE' link under the photograph to the left of the title to open a new window.

2. Next, click one of the two right arrows to either scroll or index through the twelve images from this petroglyph.

3. Stop on an image (the 'square button') and click the 'maximize' link if available.

4. Print or save the image to your hard drive. (Note: images are displayed in a positive or negative visual field)

5. Tell your family and friends that what you have just captured could, in fact, be the oldest photographic images ever recorded!



* Please read the information and view the attached photographs pertaining to this artifact before making any value judgments...

* If you don't agree with what you have read or seen...just move along! Please:...Either...Bid...Be-Quiet...Or...Be-Gone!

* This petroglyph is the real thing...the proof of it's authenticity can be demonstrated at any any place.

* this point, there is no definitive idea as to Who left this behind or What technology we are dealing with!

What This Is:

* Proof of an attempt to contact humanity through a visual image system...'An Ark of Communication'!

* A language 'etched-in-rock' that could substantiate the concept of 'Intelligent Design'!

* A sobering reminder to the fact: 'this physical evidence relates history, scripture and mythology to a genuine reality'!

* A videocassette embedded in stone...

* A cell phone from our ancestors!

* A 'Wake-Up Call' that: 'Humanity may not be the highest form of intelligence...or technology'!

What This Is Not:

* This petroglyph does not appear to hold an image of 'Jesus' (as we understand)...but clearly displays an excise etched 'Fish' on the surface (and we all know what the symbol of the fish stands for)!

* This stone is not 'Natural Erosion Patterns in a Hunk of Chert' because, 'this rock details the photographic images of people, places, objects, events and animals'.

* The photo images in this stone are not clouds, fleeting reflections in mirrors, orbs on film or burnt spots in toast!

OK!...'Now I know what you're thinking!'...'This stone is very expensive!'...

Who would buy into an object that develops image photographs detailing our historical background?

Who 'cares' about our common 'human' ancestry and the fact that it may have been documented and embedded into artifacts curiously disguised as stones?

Why would this 'phenomena' have been 'cloaked' for so many years without 'acknowledgement'?

Like a 'Rosetta Stone', the 'Jesus Petroglyph' is a key to understanding an ancient and very sophisticated language...a language based upon numerous photo-images that flow in a contiguous...continuing stream...similar to a video. Holographic (whole image recording) and three-dimensional, this petroglyph relates to an understanding of humanity from our distant past...and our inevitable future! A future based on scientific fact and accepted with a common knowledge of 'Who we really are...and were We really came from'...! This artifact is an integral part of that process!

What we have here is clearly and attempt to 'CONTACT HUMANITY'. This artifact contains a photographic language from an ancient civilization and was 'left behind' to teach us. The messages contained within this stone have been clearly translated by humanity over the millennium and detailed within our scriptures, our mythology and our collective thought processes. The method of fabricating this type of photographically etched stone is beyond human capabilities. This petroglyph is proof of contact with a 'Superior Intelligence & Technology'!

An ancient message etched in stone with the very distinctive image of a fish extruding from the stone. The 'Icon of those who follow Jesus'!

The 'Jesus Petroglyph' is a symmetrical stone that measures 4 inches (10cm). Images from this holographic, three-dimensional message generator come from three sources:

1. Spectral Enhancement (changing the wavelength of light applied to the object).

2. Dimensional Perspective (moving the object, in free space, against a stable image recorder).

3. Bilateral Symmetry (Mirror Imaging or folding the image upon itself in an X or Y field ).

The images that 'emanate' from 'The Jesus Petroglyph' can be developed through photography or digital imaging. The messages when deciphered, have very familiar connotations.

Within this stone (aside from the excise etched fish) are developments of:

* An 'Angelic Figure' holding 'The ARK'. (perhaps an 'Ark Angel')

* A 'Pyramid Temple' or 'Ziggurat' with a courtyard and the bust image of 'The Guardian' gazing at the spectacle. ( the 'Gates of Eden'?)

* The 'Leviathan' or 'Bull from Heaven' etched on the reverse side of the stone. (one photograph of this image is shown below)

The 'Jesus Petroglyph' is a communication from an ancient and technologically advanced civilization, of very sophisticated intelligence and currently defined: of 'unknown origin'.

We search the stars for radio waves cast from the beginnings of time...This stone artifact is part of a library that was 'intended to be viewed and understood by 'humanity''!

Our heritage is detailed with such image message systems...For the ancient Sumerian-Mesopotamians they were called 'ME's...For the Indigenous Peoples they were called 'Shaman Stones'!

For in the 21st century...they are absolute proof of contact!

An international counsel recently drafted 'The Declaration of Principles Pertaining to the Events Following Contact...'. this petroglyph...we have scientific evidence of 'contact'.

'Thousands of photo-images etched into a petroglyph'...You have questions?...I have questions too! Let's talk: mailto: or .

I have collected portable petroglyphs with embedded photoglyphic images for the past ten years. The messages that can be developed from these stones tell a most familiar story.

Check out another incredible petroglyph with embedded photoglyphic images...Ebay Keyword: 'Unicorn Petroglyph'! And thanks for viewing these gifts from beyond the realm of possibility!

If you would be interested in a partnership concerning this photographically etched artifact...I am willing to listen to your proposals! 'The Jesus Petroglyph' is 'absolutely authentic'! I have dedicated my life to the development of the photoglyphic language embedded within this stone...I intend to continue this effort...'but I need help!' There is 'proof of contact out there', and this petroglyph is intricate to that 'fact'.


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