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Weird body advertisement auctions on ebay

Haunted nut

Current bid: US $1.90

Time left: 2 days 15 hours
7-day listing, Ends Dec-04-05 21:04:55 PST
Start time: Nov-27-05 21:04:55 PST
History: 4 bids (US $0.99 starting bid)
High bidder: clagman8875 ( 24)

Item location: San Diego, CA
United States

Ships to: Worldwide
This Is The Only Time You Will Ever See An Item Of This Caliber On Ebay.

THE most evil peanut in the entire world! There is no other peanut like it! Made of pure biodegradable insanity! I do not advise the purchase of this item for the faint of heart, or those who have a fear of peanuts.

And now, the true happenings of THE peanut. It all started when my sister and I were enjoying some Salted Peanuts (label protected) when all of sudden................. She screamed! She looked in her hand to find none other that THE evil peanut stated staring at her! With its insane grin and menacing eyes, she was scared stiff! Who wouldn't be?! The peanut then began to insult her with telepathic mind insultation! It was shocking! I couldn't believe what my 5 year old sister was telling me that it said! I then grabbed the peanut before it could harm her anymore. Then it jumped from my hand! Soon after I regained my wits. I then proceeded to tie it up. Who wants an evil peanut running on the loose?

Now, for the first and last time EVER you can own this mentally unstable peanut! It will NEVER be availible anywhere else!

Use it to insult your enemies, amuse your friends, and scare the pants off those that you don't want in your home!

It comes safely sealed in a padded box chained for your protection.



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