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Paranormal Experience Auction

Starting bid: US $0.01

Ended: Jan-23-06 12:41:15 PST
Shipping costs: To United Kingdom -- FREE
USPS Airmail Parcel Post
Service to United Kingdom
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Ships to: Worldwide
Item location: Somewhere Special, United States
History: 0 bids
Paranormal Experience Auction

Interested in seeing something Paranormal? Click Here to WATCH!

You are bidding on a 24 hour viewing of my stairway. We'll hook up a web cam, or you can supply any testing devices that you'd like, as long as it won't damage the property.

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I just donít get it. Iíve always lived with ghosts. I donít see what the big deal is. Itís not fun to see people you donít know where theyíre not supposed to be and to hear footsteps when no oneís moving around. Iím selling a chance to see a ghost. No hoax, real deal. For the past 2 - 2 Ĺ years, my family has lived in a house built in 1795. My husband and I were playing with the ougi board one night about 6 months after we moved here, to talk with his cousin. My husbandís cousin, Herbie, died when he was a child, and my husband has always seen his ghost. They played freeze tag for years, and now Herbie plays the same games with our daughter, especially in the post office. As I was saying, six months after we moved here, I was smoking a cigarette, waiting for my husband to finish in the bathroom, and I looked over into the kitchen. There was a man standing in the doorway, wearing a bloody white apron and carrying a butcherís knife. Of course, I freaked out. A few days later, I asked my landlord, and described the man to her. She showed me a picture of her grandfather, whoíd had a butcherís shop down the block fifty years ago. It was the same man. This house has been in their family since it was built.

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Click Here to WATCH for Updates!

A few months ago, my husband and I started hearing light footsteps coming down the stairs at odd hours. It would sound just like our two year old, so we would go and check on her. Sheíd be asleep in her room, but that didnít stop us from hearing the footsteps. Then we started seeing something. Just a little girl's face, and blond hair. Iíve also described her to my landlord, but she hasnít of yet been able place her in the family tree. My husband and I frequently see her come down the stairs. Weíre offering you the chance to see the same thing. Weíll set up a web cam shooting up the stairs for a whole 24 hours, or any testing devices you'd prefer (you must supply). If you donít see anything, we donít get anything. You get to pick the day, between the end of the auction and March. Thatís when our lease is up, and who knows where weíll be then. If nothing else, you can prove that Iím crazy.
You donít see anything, we donít get anything. 100% Money Back if you are not satisfied! No Hoax, no joke, no funny business on our part. The stairway will not be messed with.

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