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body parts and advertising auctions on ebay

This motley collection of weird e bay auctions covers a host of adverts from body tattoos to people selling spare body parts kidneys, livers, hearts and penis. ( Who has any body part to spare? I certainly only have one heart and just half a brain !!)

Anyway although body part auctions are totally illegal, they do pop up on ebay for short periods of time before the auction police pull them off. So, if you want to buy or sell a your spare bits online you need to be very fast. Take a look below - remember the adverts change day by day - sometimes there will be brilliant, funny adverts and at other times they will be merely horrifically grotesque. Have fun looking.

Classic ebay body parts auctions
Human Eye   You must see this!!
Skeleton Buy this lovely skeleton and do a transplant
My Brain Rest of Body extra!
Shaun’s hair No Shaun's off his head
A Baby Bid Buy - get no sleep
Current ebay body parts auctions





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