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On the way home from a game in which his team were yet again thoroughly thrashed, Douglas spotted a fairy drowning in a pond. Bravely Douglas dived to the rescue, scooped the little fellow out, and placed him safely on the grass beside the pond. 

‘Thank you very much,’ spluttered the fairy ‘for your good deed I shall grant you a wish.’ 

‘Whoooh’ yelled Douglas ‘can I have a huge bundle of gold?’

 ‘Actually’ apologised the fairy ‘gold is so very difficult to get these days – is there perhaps something else?’ 

‘Could I have an enchanted castle to live in?’ enquired Douglas excitedly’ 

‘I’m so sorry’ replied the embarrassed fairy ‘but we ran out of enchanted castles hundreds of years ago.’ 

‘I know’ squealed Douglas in delight ‘you would make me the happiest person in the world if you could arrange for my team to win the league cup.’ 

There was a few minutes hesitation then the fairy whispered ‘On second thoughts, I probably could manage to get you that castle and some gold . . .’

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