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You know you’re supporting the worst team in the country if :

They team play in 0-10-1 formation.

The scoreboard has three digits to record opponent’s goals.

You consider a 4-1 defeat a moral victory.

The referee apologises for every decision against your team.

The team pray before kick-off.

They have had five managers in the last three months.

A collection is taken during the game so the players can be paid.

You have to consult your five year diary to remember their last goal.

At half time the whole team receive stress therapy.

The only time the fans get to celebrate is when the team gain a corner kick.

The club’s lucky mascot keeps having freak accidents.

Opposition players get sent off for laughing.

Supporters are often asked to play for the team.

There are fewer supporters than players.

They are sponsored by the local laundrette.

The grounds man earns more than any of the players.

None of the player are married to a popstar or supermodel.

The whole team is on the free transfer market.


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