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Ralf was driving home one evening when he suddenly remembered that it was his daughter's birthday and he hadn't bought her a present. Quickly he drives to the mall and runs into the toy store. After looking around for a while he spots a display of Barbie dolls. "Perfect," he thought, "my darling daughter would love one of those."  

So he asks the shop assistant, "How much are the Barbie doll in the display?"

 "This one is Skiing Barbie," smiles the assistant, "she is 19.95 and comes complete with ski outfit and two pair of skis."

"What else do you have" asked Ralf.

"This is Barbie the Supermodel," said the assistant, holding up a doll in a glistening outfit, "she is 50 and has six different dresses and eight pairs of shoes" 

"That's very expensive," said Ralf. "What price is that one," he continued, pointing to a rather smug looking doll in the centre of the display.

"Ah, that one is the top of the range," smiled the assistant, "she is 250"

"250!!!" said Ralf in surprise, "How can she possibly be 250"

"Well you see, that is Divorced Barbie" grinned the assistant, "and she comes with Ken's house and Ken's car and Ken's boat and Ken's furniture . . . . . . ."


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