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Why itís better being a man:-

You can go on a fortnightís holiday with just one carrier bag.

You can happily leave a hotel bed unmade.

You know where to hit things to make them work.

You have exclusive rights to the remote control.

You can go to the toilet all by yourself.

You donít need PMS as an excuse for being grumpy.

Your phone calls never, ever last for more than 30 seconds.

You can get through your entire life on just five pairs of shoes.

You never need to fake it!

You laugh at jokes because you understand them.

You can get ready to go out in less than five minutes.

You get to see lots of nude women in movies.

You can always park the car within ten yards of your destination.

You can get out of even the trickiest of situations with a bunch of flowers.

You know how to switch a computer on.

You can find happiness in a cool bottle.





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