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It was John’s twenty-first birthday party and everyone was having a great time. At last it was time for the birthday boy to cut his cake. After blowing out the candles and making a wish he cut it into huge slices for his guests. 

Crossing the room with two extra large pieces he handed them to his best friend Graham and his wife Catherine. Immediately Catherine pulled a photograph from her bag and thrust it in front of Graham’s face. Instantly Graham handed the plates back to John and announced that he wasn't hungry. 

“What was that all about?” asked John when he got Graham alone later.  

‘Since we got married two years ago we have both put on a little weight.’ sighed Graham, “This summer we want to go back to where we spent our honeymoon – a wonderfully warm resort with a fantastic nudist beach.  But as an incentive to lose weight we are only going to go if we both get back into shape. We have agreed that if either of us is tempted by fattening food the other will do whatever they can to kill the craving. So whenever I get tempted, as I did earlier, Alice shows me a photograph of her on that beach and I completely lose my appetite!”



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