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Elizabeth was telling her best friend about the new man in her life, "Allan is a strict vegetarian - he never, ever touches meat. 

I donít mind that but unfortunately heís also incredibly dull - the only things he ever talks about are vegetables. He would talk for hours about growing all his own food and how to make the perfect salad. And when we go out for a meal itís always to a Vegan restaurant. 

When he takes me to lunch we have salad. When he takes me out to dinner we have salad. His idea of a wicked treat is for us to share a yoghurt. For the last four weeks Iíve eaten, talked and lived vegetables!

"Well, If you don't like him, why don't you just dump him and find someone more exciting?" enquired her friend. 

"Oh I couldnít do thatí retorted Elizabeth ĎAt least not for another few weeks - Iím losing so much weight!"



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