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Exchanging wrinkles for pimples does not create a wise man from a fool.


Though the face may wrinkle let the heart retain the smooth expression of eternal youth.


You are never too old to be young or too young to be old – it’s all a matter of perspective.


There is no age which can be termed ‘too old’ – for no matter what your age the years to follow are eagerly awaited with hope and expectation.


As you grow older you realise the true value of friendship - appreciate how important it is to have congenial companions around you. And so autumn friendships, more than those of any other time, are warm and kind and loving.


Even when you are very, very old it’s still possible to do everything you could do as a youth – it just takes a little longer, requires a bit more effort and necessitates having a resuscitation unit on standby.



With every passing year the pendulum of times appears to swing swifter and so each new birthday arrives before you’ve fully recovered from the last.


It is much better, by far, to be seventy and happy than forty and miserable.


Spring is the time for new blossom - a time full of vibrant energy and expectations. Summer is the time for ripening – a time filled with responsibilities and commitments. But the Autumn years are best of all – for this is the time to reap the harvest of life.


Preparation for old age is essential and should be started the moment you turn eighty.


It’s a wise old owl who doesn’t give a hoot about age.


Slow down – it’s the only way to appreciate the view.


Old age holds the key to a treasure trove of memories you did not even know that you possessed.






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