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Henry Hedgehog was six months old – it was time for his first road safety lesson. 

At midnight Mr and Mrs Hedgehog took him to the nearby A77 Glasgow to Kilmarnock road. 

‘Right,’ said Mr Hedgehog, ‘walk across the road as swiftly as you can. But keep an eye out for headlights.’ 

‘What do I do if I see headlights?’ asked young Henry. 

‘You must sit perfectly still in the middle of the lane,’ instructed Mr Hedgehog. ‘That way the wheels go on either side of you.’ 

Mr Hedgehog demonstrated this several times then told Henry it was his turn. 

Nervously Henry scurried across the road. As he reached the far lane bright lines came rushing towards him. Henry did exactly as he was told and froze in the middle of the lane. 

There came a screeching of brakes and a dreadful squelching noise. 

‘Darn!’ said Mr Hedgehog, ‘when was the last time you say a Reliant Robin on this road.’ 


(for those who don’t know what a Reliant Robin is – it’s a three wheeler car.)


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