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Choice Privileges Visa Platinum Card

By S.E. Kirk

For business owners and family members alike, a credit card offer that includes a way to earn points toward travel is a great deal. A travel reward credit card is one that gives you the ability to earn credit with various aspects of the travel experience simply by using you card when you make your every day purchases. The Bank of America credit card that offers this service with the most flexibility is the Choice Privileges Visa Platinum Card.

Credit card features:

Of the many attractive features offered on the standard Bank of America credit card, the twenty four hour customer service and online banking capability are the most used. You can contact a Bank of America specialist from anywhere in the world at any time of day or night. So when you are using your travel reward credit card on your vacation or business trip and have a question or concern, simply dial the toll free number provided with your information packet upon sign up.

In addition, you have the ability to do all your credit card account activities online. The Bank of America website,, offers enough resources for you to complete payments, check payment and spending history, and check your current interest rate all on the Internet. You can also apply for a new card, transfer balances from other existing cards, and check out the latest credit card offer from a leading lender, Bank of America.

With a platinum Bank of America credit card, you also get the advantages of no annual fee when you are a card member. In addition, the Choice Privileges Visa Platinum card offers you a lower annual percentage rate (apr) for the first six months of your new card membership.

Choice Privileges:

The travel reward credit card is special due to the card holder’s ability to earn rewards that they can use toward their next trip. With the Choice Privileges Visa Platinum card, you can earn points with each dollar you spend that are then translated into a number of travel perks.

You can use your points toward free night stays at a hotel of your choice. Bank of America partners with hotels to offer you over four thousand locations worldwide to choose from. What other credit card offer can give you that? You can also redeem your points for discounts on entertainment and merchandise at specific travel destinations and theme parks.

If you fly when you travel, the Choice Privileges card can help you earn free airline tickets. When you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for air travel on many major airlines. You can also use your points at a restaurant or retail store in your selected destination. Think of the money you could save with a Bank of America credit card.

One of the best features of the Choice Privileges Visa Platinum credit card is not what it can bring you in terms of rewards, but what it allows you to give others. Bank of America allows you to use your points toward a cash donation to the Armed Forces Relief Fund, a worthwhile cause and a great way to use your extra money.

About the Author: S.E. Kirk is the owner of and Kirk's sites provide consumers the ability to find & apply for the best APR rate business and personal credit cards online.