Best Keywords

He who was lost shall be found.

Get your business ranked on the search engines.

Check your keyword phrases here. Look for those with little competition.


adware remover

affiliate programs

anti spyware

auto lemon

auto loan


business cards

business credit card

business insurance

business loans

business grant

business opportunity

buy a car


car donation

car hire

car insurance

car rental

card gift visa

free adware

free grant money

government grant

health insurance

home based business

home business opportunity

kit car

low cost health insurance

platinum visa

small business grants


spyware doctor

used car


visa gift card

Lost in the crowd?

Do potential customers NEVER find your website when searching on Google, MSN and Yahoo?

Why is this happening?


The Problem

Well probably most of the problem is down to your choice of keywords that you are using in your Header text you have chosen Keywords for the Description & Keyword fields that precisely represent your business. For example, if you run a Plumbing business you probably have the word PLUMBER in these fields. Great - if you top the search engines you will get 5,000 hits per day and will be working 24 hours a day to keep up with all the work. But unfortunately there are 17 Million websites using that same keyword - so the chances of Mrs Smith, who's pipe has just burst, finding you is pretty remote.


The Solution

The solution is simple - use keywords phrases that are more obscure. For example LOCAL PLUMBER - this gets about 10 searches per day - but there are only 80,000 sites using it.

Okay so there will be fewer people searching for these phrases - but there will also be far fewer website using these keywords. If you have a 20 page website - and each page is optimised - there is every chance that each page will achieve say 10 hits per day - that's 200 potential customers actually visiting your site!! With 50 pages - using carefully selected words - you could have 500 visitors each and every day!!

Make sure that you include these phrases about 5 times on the webpage you are using.


So What Now!!

Well as a starting point this website has done some of the background work for you - we have scoured the web and come up with some words that may help you get your business noticed. So take a look around and start getting more traffic.

Next - Use the search box to the left to check out how many competitors you have for you keyword phrase. Look at the top five sites - try to work out what they have done on their sites to get the high ranking.