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How To Eliminate Spyware, Adware And Pop-up Ads For Free!

By Matt Marose

The following is a guide on how to remove spyware, adware, and pop-up ads using FREE tools ready to download anytime.

Don't settle for advertisements that sell $30 software programs that CLAIM to remove all these annoyances, when in reality all they do is hog system resources and slow your computer down even more.

Now, of course there are people out there who have their own little utilities they use that are just "wonderful" for this kind of operation, but the following tools I use, to this day, to completely rid my computer of anything that would cause it to slow down or rig it with pop-up ad crap all over the place. Also included is information about a free anti-virus tool that can get rid of viruses even commercial anti-virus programs can't detect!

So, onto the good stuff.

The first program is called SpyBot Search and Destroy. It can be downloaded at

You can also type in "SpyBot" at and it'll come up as the first link.

SpyBot is a great, FREE application used to get rid of spyware and adware. When you first install it, it'll take you through a wizard that'll set you up for first time use. This includes downloading updated lists, backing up your system, and even IMMUNIZATION of future malicious Internet Explorer scripts! Oh yea, did I mention it has a tool called the "Hosts" feature? You can do a google search on "hosts file" which will give you an interesting tip on how to block ads. Not many people know about this trick, and it's a shame, because it WORKS. Anyway, SpyBot has an option that allows you to add a lists of marketing servers to your hosts lists which automatically blocks them. Go ahead and try it, the results will speak for themselves.

The next tool to download is Adaware (That's "ad-A-ware" NOT "adware"). This can be downloaded at

Once again, just type in "adaware" in and click the first link.

Adware is another program like SpyBot that gets rid of spyware, adware, viruses, and all the small little annoyances that bury themselves into your system files and cause all sorts of trouble. Sometimes Adaware will catch things that NO OTHER application will find. Just do an update and system scan as if it were an anti-virus tool. You will be suprised at how many things this tool will pick up.

After you've removed all that crap from your system, the next step is to download a FREE anti-virus tool called AVG. This can be downloaded at

... or type "AVG" in and click the first link. (Gotta love Google).

Just install, update, and do a system scan. This nifty little anti-virus tool also can schedule updates and system scans. So, be sure to configure that when you get the chance.

Another tool (well, more like an internet browser) that eliminates viruses, adware, spyware and pop-up ads is called FireFox. This can be downloaded at and the link is right there on the front page. You can also find it on google ;)

Well, that's about it. These tools are all free. There are editions available that you have to pay for, but the free versions will get the job done just fine. Gotta love FREE stuff that WORKS, huh?

Matt Marose

About the Author: Visit my blog for more articles and fun, interesting content!