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Should You Accept Visa Credit Card?

By Shane Penrod

Should you accept Visa credit card payments? Why not? More and more often, merchants are coming to appreciate the ease with which a credit card payment system can be implemented in their business through a merchant services account. Customers love the convenience of paying by credit, especially when cash flow is low or temporarily restricted. Letting them pay with plastic will allow your clients to enjoy greater flexibility in shopping for goods at your company and paying on their own terms.

If you decide to accept Visa credit card transactions, you will first need to secure a merchant services account. This is not hard to do. Just check with any of several merchant account providers, usually banks or lenders of some sort, to inquire about terms and costs. When you find a plan that suits your business and your customersí needs, you are ready to apply for the account. Most lenders want to be sure that you have a good credit history and are capable of making monthly payments to the account. They typically do not want to deal with a company that is involved with unethical or unsavory business operations.

When you receive a merchant services account, you are ready to accept Visa credit card payments. You will want to implement a system that will best fit your companyís system. For example, if you handle a high volume of telephone sales, you may want to install a digital phone ordering system, with or without the support of a customer service representative who will be on call during hours of operation. But if you do a lot of traveling with your business, such as pizza delivery or consulting work, you may be more interested in securing a wireless credit processor that can go with you for point-of-sale credit processing. Perhaps a pager would be a better way to transfer credit transactions. You also may be interested in an e-check or debit processor. The possibilities are exciting, so choose carefully to avoid overextending your business and decreasing profit margins.

Another way to accept Visa credit card transactions is by establishing a Website. You can hire a Web consultant to put up a site for you, or you can learn to do it yourself. Your merchant services account will provide the means of letting the site accept credit card payments from customers anywhere in the world. Customers from any time zone can browse your site at any time, entering credit card payment through your secure Website. Your revenues can increase substantially when you add this credit card option to your marketing strategies. Your Website can include color photos of products, price lists, testimonials, product reviews, and other features that will bring customers back again and again to sample your wares. Then when they are ready to buy, your online credit processor is ready to accommodate them.

Donít wait to implement e-commerce in your business. Start browsing the possibilities today to find out how much they cost with a merchant services account. Before long you can accept Visa credit card transactions that will make your customers happy and your profits jump.

About the Author: Shane Penrod is the founder of Specializing in allowing merchants the ability to shop and compare multiple quotes from national merchant account providers. For free quotes on merchant account rates and fees, please go to