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Budget Car Rental: Amazing Success Story

By Christopher M. Luck

Budget Car Rental company, known as Budget Rent A Car System, Inc, has been renting out automobiles since 1958. With 1900 locations worldwide, Budget Car Rental is one of the best known rental companies in the world. The company is a subsidiary of a publicly traded corporation, the Cendant Corporation. Cendent is a global provider of services for business and consumers alike in both the travel and real estate markets.

Budget Car Rental was originally created in 1958. The idea was that a company needed to exist for the “budget minded” renter. The company took off, and today is a leader in the car rental industry. The company attributes its success to continuing to appeal to budget minded renters by offering quality vehicles and great customer service.

Budget car rental not only rents out cars to the budget minded traveler, but they also rent out moving trucks for hauling. With the same philosophy that helped the car rental business to take off, Budget car rental has managed to become one of the leaders in the moving industry for those looking to get a vehicle to use to move them. Cheaper than a mover, the company offers trucks in a variety of sizes in addition to rental and purchase of moving accessories like boxes, tape, dollies, straps, and cloths to cover your belongings in the move.

When it comes to car rentals, though, that is where budget care rental really shines. For many people, selecting from the models of cars, trucks, and SUVs they have available is the best part. Budget offers small, medium, large, SUV, and specialty vehicles for rent. Small cars referrs to compact economy models, mediums are intermediate full sized sedans, large are premium luxury sedans, SUV.s are full sized, and specialty vehicles include vans, mini-vans, and convertibles. So there is something there for everyone.

As for location, budget car rental can be found almost anywhere you might need to rent a vehicle. They are readily available at most every major airport worldwide. They are also available in many high traffic locations and near auto repair centers so that renting a car to use while yours is being worked on is quick and easy. In many cases, the cost may even be covered by your insurance company.

Budget car rental also is a great partner for website affiliation or if you are a travel agent. For those who want to advertise Budget on their website, commissions are earned each time a rental is made from their site. Travel agents can also sign up to earn commission and rewards when they help to book rentals through Budget.

Budget Car Rental is one of those great American success stories: a small company growing into a big corporate money maker. The company offers a good service in many locations and with a wink to the budget minded traveler. Budget deserves at least a look from those who are moving, need a car for vacation, or are needing a partner for their website.

About the Author: Christopher M. Luck has over 17 years experience in climbing the upper management ladder at budget car rental and is now offering his free professional
car rental blog to the public.