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 Business Credit Cards Advise

Credit Cards for Home Business
By Lance Winslow

It is wise for you to have a company credit card like a VISA card. How can you find the least expensive bank card for your business? You may decide to use a VISA card from your local bank. Check the interest rate on unpaid balances. It is excessively high? Is it in line with other cards? If you are not sure, write to:

Bankcard Holders of America
560 Herndon Parkway #120
Herndon, Virginia 22070

Send $4.00 for an up to date listing of preferred credit cards with low interest rates and those with no or low annual fees.

If you are presently like 60% of our population and carry large credit card balances and spend much of your cash flow paying high interest rates, you need to get them paid down and paid off. If you are having problems with your ability to quit charging and you need help, you can call your local support group.

National Foundation For Consumer Credit Referral Line

You may also want to shift your balances to cards with lower rates as a tool to lower interest allowing you to pay down principal quicker. Sometimes your current card companies will reduce their interest rates. You can buy software that helps you cut your interest rates. The software is full of good advice. It’s called ‘The Banker’s Security Credit Card Software’. You can call Good Advice Press at 1-800-255-0899. If your credit card balances are too high it may affect your ability to buy a home. Pay off those credit card debts with some of small home business profits.

Business credit cards come in handy for emergencies, but even the US Military has found that they can be abused by those to whom they were issued. If the military cannot control their teams with all the discipline they have you might want to think twice about your ability to control your employees who have credit cards? You might wish to think twice about issuing them in the first place?

By Lance Winslow

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