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Things To Know Before You Buy A Car

By Pete Lance

Sooner or later most people buy a new car. It doesn't matter if it's your third new car or your first, it almost always happens sometime.

There is an art to buying a new car and if you know it, you're better prepared when that day arrives.

Every car buyer knows that there are tricks to getting a car at a reasonable price. Dealerships and private sellers rarely mark the car at it's actual worth.

Instead, they mark the price up a little so that they make a good profit for themselves. Another reason is that this lets them give their salespeople better commissions, and this makes them work harder to sell the car to you.

Whatever the reason, almost all dealerships can be talked down on their initial prices, if you know how to haggle properly. When you buy a car, keep this in mind all the time.

The savvy buyer will know that they can talk the dealership's prices down a little bit, if he/she knows the dealer's lingo and tricks beforehand and shows that he/she are prepared to deal with them.

Salesmen are there to try and hustle a good price for the company, while you are trying to hustle a good price for yourself.

If you have ever wanted to get your money's worth out of buying a car, then this will be your comprehensive guide to getting through all of the bull and getting a car at a good price.

Most of the time, it isn't even just the deal of buying a car that is the problem. Dealers and salesmen have a way of getting extra money out of you for the "extras".

Many people don't even realize that they purchased the extras until the deal has been closed. And then it's too late.

Salesmen speak their own language, and to know when you are being sold on something that you don't want, you need to know how to speak the same language as the salesmen do. Once you do, you will never again be oversold when you buy a car.

Buying a car doesn't have to be scary and it doesn't have to be the worst experience of your life. Many people are worried when they buy a car because they know that they are likely going to get ripped off.

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