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Windows Anti Spyware Beta

By Abe Smith

Windows Anti spyware is a very simple spyware program.
Windows Anti Spyware Beta

Download Windows Anti-Spyware from on the popular downloads section. "Windows Anti Spyware Beta"

Part One -Installation

This is a very easy to install file. Just follow the step by step instructions, agree to the TOS, and you are done

Part Two -Scanning

To scan your computer for spyware:
1: Open Windows Anti Spyware
2: In the bottom right, it says "run a scan". Click it.
3: This gives previous scan results, to run another scan, click the button in the mid left labeled "Run Scan now". As soon as you click, the scan begins. Recomindation: Exit out of all Internet functions, included AIM, downloads, websites, etc.

Part Three -Deletion

When Spyware is found, wait for the scan to complete. It will then take you to an option page in which you have a choice of ignoring (NEVER do this) quarintining, or deleting the result. Do whatever the program recommends (says to the left of the item)

Part Four -Updating

Unless you disabled the feature, Windows Anti-Spyware updates automatically. If this is the case, check for updates by going to

File -> Check for Updates. Any new updates will be installed after that.

That's all that could possibly be taught of Windows Anti-Spyware Beta.

About the Author: Abe Smith (pen name) is the webmaster of the Webmaster forum ( I enjoy writing tutorials relevant to my site, programming.