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Business Opportunities Advice

Confession of a Home-Based Business Opportunity Junkie
By Virginia Sanders

They found me lying on the floor dazed and almost unconscious; my eyes fixed and dilated. My breathing was labored. My credit card clutched in my hand.

My daughter looked at me with disgust and turned away from me. yes, I had relapsed but the excuse was this was the one.

I discovered this new thing, called the two-up system, hey the slick copy described a way I could make $3,000/week.

The problem with the two-up system was that the reality of the program did not meet my expectations or those of thousands of other would-be millionaires.

"Don't let them steal your Dreams", the flash website hypnotized me as the picture of people with money exploded in front of my eyes.

My eyes glazed over. I had that feeling again, that gnawing craving that takes over your whole being. My palms were sweaty as I reached for my credit card again. I've got to have it I thought; this is the one that will make all my dreams come true.

Another relapse into the business opportunity induced state of euphoria. One program after the other, one high after the other and then the inevitable let down. I sought counseling in the offices of successful entrepreneurs. I studied at the feet (actually the ebooks) of those who "DID IT" . Those individuals who kicked and conquered that insatiable desire to be free.

I stopped trying to create the next Microsoft and decided to create an income from the successful efforts of other entrepreneurs.

I quit the home business opportunity merry-go-round cold turkey. No more pie-in-the-sky opportunities. No more convoluted programs that promised the ultimate high and delivered a cold sinking red stain in my checking account.

I discovered affiliate programs. Those paint a Rembrandt by the numbers programs that actually produce income.

Finally, my ego took the back seat to making money. I became humble enough to learn from and then imitate other people who kicked the business opportunity habit and found success on the Internet.

Kicking a business opportunity addiction is not easy. The self-realization that you can't do alone is depressing. We are taught in school to be self reliant. But to succeed in this business, get self reliat after the income start flowing. You get the time and the money to do your own thing.

To kick the biz op addiction, you must have at least two things to make this happen for yourself: desire and a model to follow.

Well, the desire is there and then I found a model, the CB Mall affiliate program and others affiliate programs that flourish all over the Internet.

If you can follow simple directions, you can actually duplicate success. I finally kicked my habit. I am a firm believer in the OSA (Opportunity Seekers Anonymous) creed "Save your money for those things that will bring you a return in the end."

Virginia R. Sanders is a graduate of the University of Texas in Arlington, She is the mother of twin daughters, and grandmother to a rambunctious 7-year-old genius named Gary. Virginia was born in Fort Worth, Texas but now lives in Sacramento, CA.
Virginia states that she decided to go full-time in affiliate programs when her grandson asked her the fateful question "Nana, Are You Fixed Yet" Virginia plowed head strong into affiliate marketing creating her own unique multi-income system: The Cash Mall Concept whose flagship product is the CBMall

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