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Business Opportunities Advice

A Computer Business Opportunity Provides a Huge Profit Potential!
By Randy Wilson

The Computer Business Opportunity field, home based businesses, and Internet businesses have all gotten some negative feedback in the past. Even five years ago, people were being scammed and separated from their money by early "work from home businesses" who were out to make a quick buck selling off an idea or cheesy product. Now, however, there are more and more legitimate jobs in the computer business opportunity field than ever. Scams are still out there, so be careful what you get into.

Outsourcing and work from home opportunities are becoming a common way of life in many corporate circles. For example, virtual office assistants will do typing, transcription, memos and other necessary office administration duties, straight from home. This is often called telecommuting. Documents and files can be emailed, phone calls are minimal, and with the newer PDA's messaging can be instant. For the home worker, the benefits of such a position are invaluable - better pay, fewer hours away from home, no worrying over the rising cost of gasoline, no traffic jams twice a day, and no costly wardrobe.

In the computer business opportunity field the home based computer worker will have a few extra responsibilities that are usually taken care of by a regular employer. Working from home means you are responsible for your own taxes, insurance, and saving for retirement. These are all very easily taken care of with a little research. The benefits of managing your own home based computer business will far out weigh the extra attention you will have to give to your own payroll.

For the company that is outsourcing, the benefits are just as great. With no office space to rent, no employees to manage, no benefits packages to administer, no vacations to pay or wasted time with office politics and drama. Corporations of all sizes stand to benefit from outsourcing to someone in the computer business opportunity field. The competition for such positions is great enough that you will often find companies outsourcing simply to get better quality of work for a better price.

There are dozens of other opportunities in the computer business opportunity field that do not require terrific office skills. The sales industry is also outsourcing a great deal of its market as well. Anyone with sales experience can work as a salesperson, consultant, or open their own product line from the ease of their home. This often can pay better than the commissions some companies pay. With the rising cost of expenses, even working part time for your self on the computer can be very profitable to earn extra money.

Computer consulting business opportunities abound on the Internet. If your have design or web content experience, you are in a field rich with home based business opportunities. Freelancing and contract work are often more popular these days due to the high cost of maintaining qualified people in these specialized fields. Web site design is a competitive but lucrative computer business opportunity due to the dramatic increase in Internet usage by small businesses to promote their products and services.

Of course, there are other profitable endeavors such as survey taking, affiliate programs, writing copy for advertising, graphic design, computer repair business, and many more fields. With all the jobs out there, you should not have trouble translating your current skills into a profitable home based computer business. The Computer Business Opportunity field is the way of the future!

Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

Randy is owner of Profitable Home Businesses. Randy owned and operated a very successful storefront/mailorder business from 1988 to 2003. Currently full time owner/operator of several online businesses.

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