Li's lap dance tips


Only perform when you are in the mood and are comfortable with whom you are going to performing for. You will never look sexy if you are feeling shy, embarrassed or pressurised.


Select the music carefully - slow and sensual is best. Practice to the same music so that you can learn to move to the beat.


Plan the set up of the room and seating for your partner. Set the lights low. If you are performing your first lap dance or feeling in anyway shy or unattractive keep the lighting very dim.  This will help to provide a cover up for you until your confidence grows. Try lighting the room with just two or three fragrant candles. Make sure the room is warm - if you feel cold it will ruin your performance,

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Choose an outfit that your partner particularly likes - school girl skirt and blouse, nurses outfit etc. Underneath have on your sexiest red bra and g-string. Wear stockings and long boots or stilettos. Be colorful and sensual. Splash out on something special for your big performance.

Set the Limits

Before you start make sure your partners knows what he can and cannot do. Absolutely forbid him from touching you. This will give you a sexy, powerful feeling, and seeing your naked body but not being able to put his hands on it will make him crazy with desire. 


If you are new to lap dancing and decide to dance at a party or anywhere there are strangers: do not strip off completely! If you do you could discover your photos all over the internet. Save nudity for a private dance for a partner or for clubs where rules stop prying photography. 


Start several feet in front of him, swaying your hips sensually in a swirl motion. Dance toward him and when right in front of him, place one foot on the floor between his feet and the other on the arm of the chair.  

Rub yourself over the top of your clothing running your hands up your legs to your thighs. Slowly remove your clothes in this order: blouse, skirt, bra, panties, stockings. Occasionally caress yourself-especially your breasts. From time to time make eye contact with your partner and remember SMILE. 

If you have long hair, run it up and down his chest and between his legs. Put your hands on the arms of the chair and lean your breasts into him, rubbing them over his face and down his body, but always pulling back to tease him. Turn around, straddle his legs, and wiggle your bottom. 

Throughout the performance: move away from your partner and dance for a few moments, allowing him to see your front and back then move back close again.




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Lap Dancers : Whether an experience stripper or a complete newcomer wishing to learn how to give a lap dance you are welcome to come to the club. We hold amateur evenings twice a week - if you have never performed a strip tease before one of our professional dancers will train you before you perform on stage.

For membership information or to visit the club contact our Membership Secretary:


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