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Employment Law, Part II
Lance Winslow

Look here it is, this is America for Americans; English is the spoken language. You must be immunized to come here since we have already gotten rid of major diseases like small pox. You must shower and shave and wash your hands if you work in a restaurant, hot water and soap after using the restroom. Why canít we enforce the basics? Are we that naive to think that we have come so far this last generation? Look at what this is in reality. It is a joke; a terrible joke; anyone can do a better job than this. If America wants to not enforce it then we can do that too. But if we are going to tell people that we are doing the right thing then lets do it.

The President said in his speech that he wanted rid of drugs and budgeted for it. If people can sneak over the border then drugs ought to be a cinch. I have to question the DEA now too. If this is all the border patrol can do, then it is not needed. If you are caught sneaking over the border you get tagged just like a shark when we do territory studies. You are here illegally and you have no rights. How hard is this to figure out. First time you are tagged second time hard labor one year. Third time you are shot. You take out the tag and are caught you are shot on the second time. You come in legally or not at all.

That is how all the other people came to the US. If we enforce we enforce if not we open the border. This incident is insane really, shows there are no borders only lines drawn in the sand and lies to the American people. How can our government insure me that we will know when we hire an illegal alien? How can we know that the workers we hire will not have small pox? How can we know that if we hire a worker he is not a criminal from another country who will steal our work truck and take off? How can we know anything?

When is someone going to start telling the American people the truth so we can all vote on this, or take care of the problem so it ends? So many questions, so many promises, so much BS, how does anyone do anything anymore? I am calling the Washington Post, WSJ since Labor ready is the largest public company providing labor to the country and several other politicians. I am hereby removing Labor Ready as an approved vendor of Car Wash Guys and all systems. Our company will not patronize companies like that.

Profiteering off illegal aliens is no different than slave trading really. They are taking advantage of those coming to this country illegally to find work and then profiteering off small businessmen who need labor due to tight job markets. That is criminal. The biggest and most hurtful aspect of this story is this. Labor Ready has big attorneys, lobbyists and clout. A small businessman hiring the same illegal alien can be find $35,000 which labor ready salesmen who call often warn about. They say they will take care of this through proper screening. They ask for a social security card or green card or work permit and write down a number without verifying it. If the worker is caught they say sorry and tell the INS that they must have given fake information. The INS then deports them and then they come back the next day.

If the INS fines a small businessman it costs minimum $5,000 retainer to tell it to the judge the same thing that Labor Ready told the INS. So this is extortion really. It should be called that. They exploit the Mexican worker trying to make a better life by paying him below average wages of $5.40 scare the small businessman into using their services at $11.95 pocket the difference and no one says anything. Except me I guess. Good thing I talk loud and carry a big stick. And that is the truth; think about it.

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