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Boston Lawyers, DC Lawyers and Individual Rights
Lance Winslow

Looks like everyone wants to sue someone right? Well, I suppose you have the right. Let me tell you my point of view on a couple of interesting current issues. With the way our ethical Christianity society has progressed, challenging the gay adoption thing now on the world stage is a little disconcerting. Our society is not ready for that yet, if two gay people wish to adopt, go ahead, but do not make a scene about it. Realize there will be opposition based on how our country was founded and how it has progressed. Yes there will be people to stand in your way; yes you can sue and find a kick butt Boston Lawyer. If you choose to do adopt, do it without fanfare. It is better for the kids too that way. And then prove everybody wrong when your adopted valedictorian stands up and graduates top of the class. That is how you do it. Otherwise if everyone is watching and making a big deal about it the kid will grow up self-conscience and ridiculed by fellow class mates. If it does take a village to raise a child, then do not piss off the village and expect everything to go your way. And if you are making an issue of this simply to get headlines and make money in a lawsuit, shame on you once again for dragging kids into it.

On the Black thing, suing companies who are well diversified and hire so many black Americans, what message are you sending out here. Suing Coke A Cola, CSX, Home Depot or Wal-Mart. You hurt a company’s credibility and brand name you hurt everyone’s 401k, do you really think they are going to stick up for you next time there is a fight? I have many black friends and business associates and I am upset that this is affecting them in a negative way. Everyone has a touch of prejudice in them for me I hate attorneys. If you are an attorney, I hate you, I think you are scum of the Earth and terrorists to civilization, unless I know you real well or you are my attorney then I love you. See the problem. I judge people by what they do for a living, but I fully admit it. The color of their skin doesn’t bother me much unless they join groups and attack me a “whitey”.

People should be more honest and everyone has some of this prejudice in them, it is not a bad thing, it may be the reason we have survived on the Planet so long, after all, Saber Tooth Tigers were different than we were; they had claws and teeth and they tasted good. Recognize it as a human trait, use reason to counter act it and go out of your way to condition yourself to first think. I still am having a hell of a time with that attorney thing, I cannot seem to get over it, even though we have a few attorneys (sharks) in our immediate family.

Being different amongst different people is really a good thing, everyone is watching and you can prove them wrong about those preconceived notions they thought were so apropos. By proving them wrong you stand out as a superstar and can achieve more. I wish more people would understand these issue, think about it please.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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