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Articles on  incorporation & corporations               

Discover the advantages of incorporating in Florida with this excellent article.

The Florida Department of Incorporating: Digitization Drives Efficiency
Eddie Tobey

The Florida Department of State, Division of Corporation is the division of the Department of State to contact for questions about incorporating in Florida.

The Florida Department for Incorporating provides an online public access network and telephone answering system. Through their online network, the Department for Incorporating allows for electronic certification and electronic filing services. This streamlined approach helps business owners more efficiently incorporate in Florida.


The Florida Department for Incorporating has many responsibilities. In addition to providing certifying, and providing forms for, incorporation, the Department ensures that corporate names, fictitious names, trademarks, and service marks are not duplicated. They also cross-reference information with the Florida Department of Revenue on a regular basis to identify foreign entities doing business in Florida that are not registered with the Division of Corporation.

The Department provides business owners with the opportunity to electronically research business entities. Using the Department's database-driven computer program ("SunBiz"), business owners can access all of the fictitious name filings dating back to January, 1996, as well as all corporation annual reports since January, 1996, and all corporation filings since November, 1997.

These digital records help alert entrepreneurs to previously registered corporation names, in order to prevent duplication of business names, as well as potential trademark and service mark infringements. In addition, the digitized process of incorporating a business in Florida allows business owners to more efficiently incorporate, so tbat they can get on with the important work of running their businesses.

Incorporating in Florida Info helps big and small businesses learn the benefits of incorporating in the Sunshine State, and also provides detailed information and advice about the Florida Department of Incorporation. Incorporating in Florida Info is the sister site of Forex Brokers Web.

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